On the Buttala-Kataragama Road, you may want to experience the serenity and wonderment of a 6th Century Forest Monastery. The 14th milepost on this road is the turn off to this ancient widely spread jungle complex. Your expedition of peace and fulfillment begin at the Budugallena Temple where permission is granted to embark on the jungle trek to the Monastery.

It’s a climb through virgin forest, a good country mile that leads you to the staircase of serenity – 117 steps that will usher you into the stillness of an ancient monastery. You will be greeted by tell-tale signs of an ancient civilization and an area dedicated to meditation. Ruins include rock pillars, moonstones and ancient Brahmian scripts. This level invites the weary soul to pause in a moment of meditation before you scale the remaining heights. Brace yourself for the climatic passage of your discovery.