The Dematamal Viharaya is a Buddhist temple with an ancient stupa, located in paddy fields near Okkampitiya village, halfway between Bundala and Maligawila which is like 01 hour drive from Wild Escape Hotel. According to local legends, the temple was the hiding place of Prince Saddhatissa, after he lost his war of succession against his elder brother, Dutthagamani. 

The Dematamal Viharaya, administratively belonging to the village of Okkampitiya, is situated in paddy fields close to the B 522 road, 7 km southeast of Buttala (a major junction in southern Sri Lanka).

Most pilgrims and tourists visiting the Buddhist giant statues of Maligawila and Dambegoda, which are in 11 km distance, travel along the Dematamal Vihararaya without taking further notice of it. However, the ancient temple compound, looking like an island in the wet-rice fields, is worth having a short break.