Ruins of an ancient temple complex lie in deep in the jungle bordering the Yala National Park, known as Habessa Ruins. Among these ruins are an ancient inscription and a cave with a large reclining Buddha statue with murals painted on the walls. 

The most prominent of the ruins is the cave with the 32 feet reclining Buddha statue made with brick and mortar. The cave in which the Buddha statue is placed has probably been an image house and the remains of the stone pillars can be still seen. This is a usual cave with drip ledges and indications that the whole rock surface has been covered by murals and some of these still can be seen. The stupa is covered in the jungle and can be hardly seen.

Access to this site is through rough terrain through Chena cultivations, jungles across Kumbukkan Oya River which is like 01-hour drive from Buttala.