Rahathankanda Forest Hermitage & Monastery adds to Buttala’s complexes of monasteries. Barely 3 kms from Buttala town on the Moneragala Road and across Sabaragamuwa University is a landmark none can miss – a beautiful stupa, the centerpiece of Weera Keppetipola Maha Seya, a temple that reminds visitors of the monumental heroism of a brave heart. There’s much to see here – ancient and contemporary.

The walk to the monastery begins by the temple and visitors will feel inspired to know that the hermitage was reportedly set up by an Arahat – one who attained enlightenment, as He sought to bring the famous feuding brothers together – King Dutugemunu and Saddhatissa.

Here too, you will walk through holy halls of historic statues and images and through boulders as you scale higher through jungle canopy you will spot many hermitage chambers with some historical graffiti surviving the test of time. You haven’t still reached the top of the mountain; not before you explore more signs of what was once a thriving habitat for monks seeking the path of enlightenment.

Vistas of tranquility; the boulder-laden path to the top offers a great hiking experience; the reward at the wind-swept top of the mountain is spectacular views of the area and a well-earned rest.