Back towards Wellawaya from Buttala is Yudaganawa Junction; a right turn and 2kms take you to the Yudaganawa Rajamaha Viharaya – yet another temple from an ancient theatre of war with the name presumably saying just that. In fact, Yudaganawa is one big complex of ancient artifacts and places of worship and monasteries including devalayas where deities are worshipped. Among the ceiling art of Yadaganawa is reportedly at least two images of King Dutugemunu. Among other interests here is a rock pillar that is said to be a milestone that marked the distance between the Southern Kingdom and one in North-Central of the island.

A pathway through the forest leads to the centerpiece of Yudaganawa, a colossal Stupa with a circumference of 1038 ft. Considered to be among the largest Stupas in the world, Yudaganawa, however, presents an enigma. The mighty base rings are matched in height by a mere 27 meters with a pinnacle that looks like an abrupt contraption. Theories rage with some arguing that the Stupa is incomplete while others say it belongs to four such ‘Stunted Stupas’ in the four corners of the island.

Yadaganawa is said to be the site of the battles between the two siblings and in the greater scheme of things Buttala sbeing the staging grounds for the King’s Army. The Stupa was famously constructed by Dutugemunu and Tissa as a mark of respect for the monks who brought the duo back together, as well as a reminder of the fateful match-up which they vowed would never happen again.